Friday, July 01, 2005


Generic grievance

I've been updating the 'pod today, trawling back through the songs I've stuck on the handsome beast and cleaning up the random mess of detail on the various files. The biggest problem I've encountered is that of genre.

Before I set to work today, there were well over a hundred songs on the 'pod, pigeonholed into almost as many categories: rock, alternative, alternrock... the list is endless. I particularly liked "other."

The winner, though, has to be the mouthbreather who'd categorised a Billy Corgan track I downloaded as "general alternative." What the hell is that? General alternative? You have to worry about the mentality of someone who taps that in and doesn't think: oh, hang on...

I hope that in real life his job doesn't bring him into contact with sharp objects and/or hostage situations.

The only band I left in the "alternative" category was Mogwai; everything else got dumped in "rock." Sorry Placebo, cross-dressing and drug experimentation just don't count as "alternative" in my book.

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