Thursday, July 07, 2005


The eyes of the world turn to London

What a difference a day makes: this morning, my students were congratulating me on London's victorious bid to host the 2012 Olympics. This evening, they were talking about the bomb attacks on the London transport system.

The student who told me about the latter must have thought his English had been really bad as my expression barely changed. The sad truth is that terrorist attacks in London are not really news; the British government does some dumb shit sometimes, and even if they didn't things would probably still get blown up occasionally. It's just what people do.

Has it occurred to anyone that, after we pinched the Olympics, the one country that was really, really fed up with us was France? Hey, I'm just asking.


Well I'm glad that you think it's no big deal. Maybe I should show your website to a friend of mine after he gets out of intensive care!

"No big deal."

As far as I'm aware, I only observed that London has a history of terrorist incidents; I'm sure you can recall some of them.

Obviously, I hope that your friend (if, indeed, you actually have one) makes a full and speedy recovery.
I knew there was aflaw in my plan, your observations are correct. I hve no friends.

I get you next time pickle! NEXT TIIIIIME!!!

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