Tuesday, July 12, 2005


The end of all things?

So, yesterday, I was gearing myself up for the final separation from Furukawa, expecting the head limey to walk in at any moment and tell me which crappy school he wanted to ship my sorry ass off to, but he never materialised. I'm not too sure why this is, as he'd told me he'd be back to see me before I went to England, but I can only hope that he fell down a very deep, disused mine shaft.

Included in my day of living on my nerves was a CHIBIKO lesson, which is the closest thing to outright prostitution that I've ever undertaken. 40 minutes of singing asinine songs to a bemused 2-year-old while the rest of the school listened and sniggered. Even his sister thought I was totally uncool and she's 4.

And to cap it all, I met the stalker after school to listen to another dose of her problems. This was a pretty short meeting, as I told her that I had to meet a friend (which was true) and that she should stop whining and do something about her problems instead of bending everyone else's ear. She stopped crying with remarkable speed when she realised that there would be no one around to listen to her bleating.

Sitting in Andrew's apartment, reflecting on my lifetime of achievement and good work, I received the following e-mail on my phone:

Thank you for tonight. well, tomorrow is my days off, so could I go to the Kansai airport to see you off? I don't cry absolutely

To which I replied:

I'm on holiday, after all.

Cheeky cow.

Edit: "She's a very polite stalker," Brian said. "Most would just have followed you to the airport."

Smart thinking. Do remember what happened to our friend in Melbourne? Station sendoffs may be a traditional in Japan but they're usually just a time for a bird to say she's a pregnant, as you board a flight for ten hours. Inconsiderate s.o.b.'s.
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