Saturday, May 07, 2005


Shot bar pimp

Blair is back; for how long remains to be seen. Bad weather is known to have an adverse effect on voter turnout; it rained today. Plus, I was several thousand miles from my nearest polling booth. Plus, I'm not registered to vote.

Yes, we have just witnessed the triumph of democracy that is a British general election. The Labour Party have been returned to power with a whopping 36% support from people who could actually be bothered to vote. This obviously represents a resounding endorsement of the war in Iraq and other despots must be quaking in their boots at this moment (watch out China.)

The main piece of good news to be drawn from this is that Michael Howard will be stepping down as leader of the Conservative party. Had the unthinkable happened and the election gone to the Tories, Howard's immigration policy would undoubtedly have been so stringent that even I would have been considered an illegal alien.

Talking of Darth Howard's resignation...

Mr Howard's announcement comes despite calls for him to stay on as leader for at least a year. Many senior Tories believe that John Major and William Hague's post-election resignations left the party rudderless at crucial times.

Rejecting those calls, Mr Howard told supporters that he wanted to live up to his promise to demand accountability from his ministers if he had made it to Downing Street.

Howard to stand down as Tory leader
The Guardian, Friday May 6, 2005

This from the very same Michael Howard who, as Home Secreatary, flouted ministerial conventions on accountability after the Whitemoor prison breakout (click here.) How times have changed.


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