Sunday, May 01, 2005


The Pod has landed

Somewhere in Osaka,
Thursday, April 21st, 2005.

(11:09:00) daniel: ...
(11:09:05) daniel: I'm not happy
(11:09:33) daniel: I bought my Brother an iPod for his birthday
(11:09:50) daniel: I mailed my Mum and asked for his postal address
(11:09:56) daniel: she didn't send it
(11:10:05) daniel: but she did mention in passing what
(11:10:15) daniel: she'd
(11:10:28) daniel: gotten him for his birthday
(11:10:33) daniel: and as I type this
(11:10:52) daniel: I'm listening to the new iPod it suddenly turns out I have
(11:11:03) daniel: kind of irritating

How did I deal with this despicable twist of fate?

Here's how: within two minutes of learning that I wouldn't be able to send Joe the iPod for his birthday, I had it out of the box and was figuring out how to stick tunes on it.


This thing is mint. My trusty Panachronic MD recorder is suddenly looking at early retirement. Yay gadgetry, praise Mammon. Live the dream, choke back the vomit, vote New Labour.

Edit: I just fortuitously discovered that my MD recorder is waterproof (don't ask how)- perhaps the chunky beast has a future after all!

Apple Ipods are for fruits.--VMM
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