Monday, May 16, 2005


Hircine doom

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - A lazy worker, not a satanic cult, was responsible for severed goat heads that caused a scare at a Vancouver-area school, Canadian police said on Monday.

Police were called in after goat heads were twice found on a bench outside a school in nearby Chilliwack, British Columbia, prompting fears in the suburban community that it had been targeted by a satanic animal killing.

A 19-year-old worker at a local slaughterhouse has admitted he took the two heads with the intention of having them mounted, but then changed his mind and left them at the school in hopes a janitor would dispose of them.

"(Police) want to reassure the community that there were no satanic intentions in relation to these incidents," the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said, adding that the man "should have known better."

Good news on severed goat heads: Satan not involved
Reuters, Tue May 10, 2005

"Should have known better..."

On an entirely dissimilar, yet strangely related note, check out the following information on the kamoshika, better known (by which I mean equally unknown, but unknown in English) as the Japanese serow.

Why do I mention this? Because, dear reader, one of these feisty sons of Satan is going around Japan unleashing its serow beatdown on random old dears:

YAMAGATA (Kyodo)- A woman was injured after being attacked by a Japanese serow that had escaped from a pet house of a primary school in the city of Yamagata on Tuesday, police said.

The 3-year-old female serow hit 74-year-old Yoshiko Suzuki in the legs with its horns in front of the Higashizawa Primary School, according to the school.

A school official said a veterinarian was raising the serow, a national treasure species, in the schoolyard with permission from the Yamagata prefectural government after it had been found injured and put under protection in June 2002.

The serow made a getaway from the yard when the doctor's wife was cleaning the pet house.

No students were in the schoolyard when the animal escaped.

Woman attacked by escaped serow
The Daily Yomiuri

Walker and I laughed and laughed when we read this. When you're evil, there's little else you can do.


I would imagine she did it by trotting- I find it hard to imagine that she had any accomplices.
Here's some facts about the serow

It's also a motorcycle made not surprisingly by Yamaha

Neither are so hot lookin'
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