Saturday, May 07, 2005


Heart of darkness

Taurean qualities include an earthy, practical nature, a love of luxury and a devotee of sensuality, strong opinions, and a profound stubbornness. They are also fairly emotional and sentimental signs. The sex drive of those born under the sign of Taurus is legendary, and they, along with Scorpio, are the most sexual signs in the entire zodiac. Negatively, Taureans can be very selfish, obstinate, and secretive.
Taurus article from Wikipedia

Happy birthday to Walker- everything a Taurus should be: obstinate, unreasonable and great fun when he's angry and/or drunk (often.) I'm not going to speculate about the sex drive.

For the record, Scorpions piss me off.


thanks for the RAGE BEATS, listening to it now. thanks for doing the Kori crawl. waking up today and talking with two other taureans, i felt my name was DESTROY and y'all were SMASH and KILL. maido.--VMM
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