Saturday, May 28, 2005


The forgotten warriors

Ten weeks short of the 60th anniversary of Tokyo's second world war surrender, diplomats were today investigating claims that two octagenarian Japanese soldiers had emerged from the mountains of the southern Philippines.
Japanese 'wartime soldiers' found in Philippines
The Guardian, Friday May 27, 2005

Apparently, this kind of thing hasn't happened in a while (about 30 years, in fact.)

I'll admit that when I read this last night, I found it kind of amusing; I'll admit that part of me still does, in fact. Just think, though: if these reports are true, Yamakawa (from Osaka) was my age when he went off to fight for his country in a strange land, he's spent his entire life since then buggering about in the jungle and now he's a very old man. Imagine all the other things these guys could have done with their lives if someone had only mentioned that the war was over?

How would I like to spend 60 years in leafy isolation?

I wouldn't. Fuck war.


those guys could probably make a fortune if they convinced as many filipino females as possible to come to japan on "entertainment visas"--kurohige
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