Saturday, April 16, 2005


When Cheetahs roamed the Earth

HYDERABAD, India (Reuters) - Indian scientists plan to clone an Iranian cheetah to revive a species that became extinct in India more than four decades ago, an expert said Friday, in what would be the country's first animal cloning bid.
India Plans to Clone Iranian Cheetah
Reuters, Apr 15, 2005

God DAMN, it's as if Jurassic Park had never been made (which, in the cases of The Lost World and JP3 I really wish were the case.)

Kimbia, from the BBC's Big Cat Diary series.
The greatest predator that ever stalked the Earth.

Ill-judged movie trailer: Cheetah Park.

Jeff Goldblum in back of jeep, anxiously watching cheetah in pursuit as they speed across a nocturnal, rain-drenched parody of the Serengeti.
"Must go faster... must go faster... nope, he's still gaining on us. You know what? I think we're boned this time."


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