Thursday, March 31, 2005


Random banter

Iran won the match 2-0, with the home North Korean supporters feeling aggrieved by a number of refereeing decisions. The North Korean players reacted furiously late in the game after a penalty appeal was turned down. Defender Nam Song-chol was red-carded after shoving the Syrian referee.
North Korean fans on rampage
from The Guardian, Wednesday March 30, 2005

Iran versus North Korea with a Syrian referee? Now I've heard everything.

I'd have thought they would have shown more solidarity, as they're all part of George Bush's Axis of Evil (lest we forget), which- mystifyingly- doesn't seem to include Britain or the United States.

I suppose we're just lucky that neither side (nor the referee, for that matter) took it upon themselves to dip into the nuclear arsenal that they allegedly have.

Incidentally (ie: at a complete tangent), when I went to the A-bomb museum in Hiroshima last year, there was a huge globe with stuck-on model missiles, showing which countries were known to be packing nuclear heat. The surprise omissions were Israel and- would you believe it- Iraq. Makes you think...


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