Saturday, March 05, 2005



An apparently friendly motorist in Germany stopped to tow a broken-down car, stranded the owners as he sped away, crashed their car into a gas station and then drove off, police said Thursday.

"After attaching it, the man sped off so fast that the two hadn't even got into the car -- and were left gesticulating wildly," said police in Aachen. The man then drove toward the gas station, swerving his own car at the last minute.

"But the trailing vehicle went straight on and smashed into the air pump," police said. "The station attendant was roused by the noise and saw a man uncoupling his car from the battered vehicle before departing without further ado."

Police said there was no trace of the reckless driver.
The Good Samaritan,
Reuters, Fri Mar 4, 2005

Attention Rockstar Games: I want to be able to do that in the next version of Grand Theft Auto.

Incidentally, I've been telling the Panasonic staff who study at my school to get cracking on Jet Car technology; I want one for my 50th birthday and if I don't get one, I intend to make life VERY uncomfortable for the scientific community, especially the presenters of Tomorrow's World, who've been promising me Jet Cars since I was a kid.

You have been warned.


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