Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Why did the monkey fall out of the tree? Apparently it just happens sometimes, that's why

Another day, another dollar, but I've also been lucky enough to make some interesting and possibly useful discoveries, which I share with you here:

Anyway, in other news, Mike and I are no longer speaking, and this is the reason why:

All I've seen of Mike for the last week or so

New PSP, dammit!

So jealous am I of this piece of technological genius (or rather of Mike, for possessing one), that I am considering investing in a used Sega Game Gear. It's 15 years old, not a patch on the PSP technically and goes through batteries like an SUV goes through petrol, but it does have the benefit of being big and heavy enough for me to smash Mike's PSP to pieces with it before enjoying a nice game of Sonic the hedgehog.

the only monkeys that fall out of trees are those attempting to get their monkey style on. i was going to post something even less tasteful but i'll save that kind of racist shit for the work place.--vmm
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