Friday, February 18, 2005


The glories of a bygone era and why I want to crack people's skulls today

So, for the first part of last night, I was in Murphy's, an Irish bar in Shinsaibashi. As I was about the only customer, the atmosphere wasn't amazing, but it did afford me the chance to get a better look at the place than I'd had previously. On one wall, there was a map of Ireland, surrounded by the traditional colours of all the ancient clans.

And I found this:

Glory to the clan McKeown!

So that's something new.

My next step will be to have an enormous flag of this hung up in my classroom, paint my face with woad and play Gaelic football with the skulls of my students. For the record, I got into bed at about 6 am after a prolonged karaoke binge and, thanks to shift swaps and overtime, I get NO WEEKEND this week.

There was going to be some witty observation to end this post, but I'm far too pissed off.

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