Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Dwindling promotion prospects

FUKUOKA--A police officer of Chikugo Police Station in Fukuoka Prefecture left his fingerprints at the scenes of several crimes he was investigating and collected them as evidence, it was learned Friday...
As he could not find any evidence of the perpetrators, he said he had no choice but to leave his own fingerprints at the scenes and collect them, he was quoted as saying.

Policeman plants own prints at crime scenes Yomiuri Shimbun 6th February, 2005


The sad thing is that this officer's career prospects are in better shape than my own; apparently I've had complaints about being "too tall" from some of my kids classes. Why my mouth-breather of a branch manager saw fit to relay this information to me (indirectly), I simply don't know. If she's expecting me to do something about it she's going to be pretty disappointed.


I think your promotion prospects may have hit an all time found out about the leap year voice and didn't seem amused
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