Thursday, February 03, 2005


Akibakei meltdown

Today, I have seen marvels indeed. I dragged my sorry, hungover butt out to Denden Town before work with the express intention of getting a Panasonic 3D0 FZ-1 (the original model- last week I bought the FZ-10, an updated version, which is currently in the possession of The Vending Machine Man.)

This thing is outstanding. It has the same bizarre controller-linking as the later version, but instead of the tacky plastic FZ-10 styling, it looks like an old-school CD player. It has a beautiful slide-out CD drawer, instead of the flip-top crap which adorns the FZ-10, and doesn't make a noise like a cat throwing up when I put in a CD.

Best of all, though, the FZ-1 weighs about FIVE times as much as the FZ-10; it feels like it was made out of recycled Volkswagens or something. Lord almighty.

The shop I made this purchase in is the aptly-named Super Potato (this link will only work if your browser can handle Japanese.) This place is a gaming geek's heaven, packed full of archaic goodies from the bygone days of terebi gemu.

Here are some of the less tasteful things I saw.

A "Hello Kitty" Dreamcast

A "Pokemon" N64

Plus, being in a huge shop full of electronic appliances, every time I touched a metal surface, I got zapped into the middle of next week.

My next project is to get a handheld system- preferably one so big and unwieldy that I could beat a Gorilla unconscious with it.

one of the lames we teach from matsushita told me that they had a nickname for the original 3D0 something along the lines of bento blah blah blah, meaning that it resembles a japanese lunchbox; the most beautiful lunch box ever assembled, food for thought, brain food, not some imported california rice with umeboshi on top.--the vending machine man
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