Saturday, January 29, 2005



Japanese committing suicide are more likely to choose Monday than any other day of the week, while Saturday is the least likely day for people to take their own lives, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said.
Mondays the preferred day for Japanese choosing suicide Mainichi Daily News 29th January, 2005

Well, I must say that this comes as a total surprise to me. I think that, with a standard Saturday/Sunday weekend, Monday would definitely be my day for taking the easy way out, unless I could ruin someone's birthday by killing myself on another day of the week; if I had to kill myself, I'd want people to be as upset as possible.

Fortunately, life is good. It's warm in my room, I still haven't finished the bottle of brandy that I inherited from a departing friend (cheers Ange!), it's Saturday evening, and- oh crap: I'm working tomorrow.

This is an emergency- pass me the toaster, I'm going for a bath.


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