Thursday, January 27, 2005


Cheese pot

Geekery abounds- now I've gone and bought a Panasonic 3D0.

This 32-bit wonder was originally released in 1993. The modified FZ-10 model which I have bought (as pictured above) came out in 1995. From what I've seen of it thus far, it's little wonder that this machine didn't take the gaming world by storm: the CD drive is slow and makes a terrible racket while accessing data and the controller is, quite frankly, naff. Nonetheless, there's DEFINITE novelty value for a number of reasons:

As we have any number of Panasonic employees at my school, plus akibakei (gaming geeks) I bought the 3D0 mainly as a conversation piece, although I'm going to enjoy some old-school gaming action as well.

i hope you don't group me with "akibakei" cause I'll smash your head open with an atari lynx, ya' poof. and here's a joke that my friend posted on his blog the other day, up there with the stevie wonder classics. Enjoy, pedagogue:

A priest and a rabbi are walking down the street together. Approaching them is a young grade school boy, on his way home from school. The priest says to the rabbi, "Hey Rabbi, lets go fuck that little boy." The rabbi replies, "Fuck him out of what?"
--vending machine man
It really disturbs me to see this side of you.
Note for the vending machine man: it takes a particularly gifted intelligence to tell a Jewish joke on the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. God damned Taurus.
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