Monday, December 27, 2004


Well I never

And now it's time for my Buddhist proverb of the day, kindly supplied by Lafcadio Hearn:

kuchi wa wazawai no kado
"The mouth is misfortune's front gate"

With my well-founded reputation for crass remarks, I find this remarkably apt, although misfortune has been known to come gushing out of other parts of me as well.

Wazawai, incidentally, is another pronunciation of this year's Kanji of the year (see below, December 21st.)

After multiple earthquakes and typhoons in this region, I'm just hoping to make it through to 2005, although my hopes weren't boosted by rumours that Osaka is now a target for terrorists:

Yomiuri Shimbun

OSAKA--The Osaka prefectural police have called for calm over a rumor circulating Internet bulletin boards, among other media, that says Osaka will be targeted by terrorists over the year-end and New Year's holidays.

Well that's just freaking great. As if I weren't already in enough danger from blowfish, cyclists and itinerant ninjas, I now have to watch out for religious fanatics as well. "Safety country," my Aunt Fanny...

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