Wednesday, December 08, 2004


A momentous discovery

I did the Christmas shopping for my family today, which left me absolutely broke for the next week. Not that the presents I got them were so fantastically expensive, because they weren't; I'm just up against it at the moment.

Anyway, it being my day off, without any money with which to purchase fun stuff and having watched all the Futurama I could usefully watch for one day, I resolved to tidy my bedroom.

In the tidying of said bedroom, I ripped a year's worth of junk out of my bedroom cupboard, folded half-clean clothes in such ingenious ways that they took up less than no space and found 20,000 yen that I never knew I had in my sock drawer.

The moral of this story is that I'm going to get absolutely leathered tonight.

Next week: Dan discovers the elixir of life while washing the dishes.

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