Thursday, December 30, 2004


Journey back in time

Well, I'm at Kansai international airport, awaiting my plane to Canda which will arrive at 10.40 am local time, around 8 hours before it sets off. Figure that out.

Anyway, I'm hoping that today in Vancouver gets off to a better start than today in Osaka did- I had all sorts of fun trying to track down my plane ticket today. Plus, the complete MOO at check in made a proper fuss about how old and battered my passport is. Quashing the urge to drop-kick her in THE SPINE, I pointed out, with a little less courtesy than I might perhaps have exercised, that the reason for it looking old was that it had been all over the world in my pocket. I then proceeded to start showing her the stamps in my passport, lingering on the more interesting ones and giving her a few anecdotes, and she suddenly couldn't get rid of me fast enough. Strange lady.

Happy New Year folks!

Good boy. Use that mouth for good and not evil.
Ask the canucks where in the US they're from. That'll put you on the right foot, ya' poof.--the vending machine man
Happy New Year's!!

You goddamned polyglot.

-- muku
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