Saturday, December 11, 2004


The finer points of eikaiwa, part 1

The question that plagues the Engilsh teacher- does this student have excellent listening comprehension, or are they just some second-guessing punk, taking advantage of the extremely tame structures you've practiced in the textbook and coasting through the roleplays without really paying attention?

Well, here's the acid test...

DAN: Good morning, may I see your passport, please?

MS?: Here you are.

DAN: Thank you. Is this your first visit to Canada?

MS?: No, third time.

DAN: What's the capital of India?

MS?: I'm on vacation.

DAN: I see... where are you intending to stay?

MS?: I'm staying at the Marada Inn.

DAN: How long is a piece of string?

MS?: About two weeks.

DAN: Thank you. Enjoy your stay.

This worked really well- after two or three rehearsals I had her asking for clarification when I busted out with stuff like "What's the comparative density of jelly?"

This lady will go a long way.

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