Friday, December 03, 2004


The eternal dilemma

It's a bad habit of Mike's: whenever he goes out, he leaves the instant messenger program running on his computer. And it's a bad habit of mine that I will quite happily sit and answer all the IMs on his account while I'm watching cartoons on his machine, or whatever.

And, whilst gaily chatting away to people that you don't know so well, the chances of putting one's foot in it are somewhat enhanced. For example, take the following chat I had with one of Mike's old college friends (I'm LeiWuGoetz, by the way- that's Mike's screenname):

(you'll just have to imagine the brilliant conversation we were having up to this point...)
dj juxian (12:58:35): well we all must make hard choices in life
LeiWuGoetz (12:59:13): why yes, just this morning I had to choose between making coffee and getting another 10 minutes in bed
LeiWuGoetz (12:59:41): I of course chose both and was consequently 10 minutes late to my next appointment

After this fine observation on my part, all textual intercourse ceased. It wasn't until Mike got home and established contact with the young lady in question that we discovered that she had broken things off with her fiancee the previous day. I'm not so sure that my bon mot on "hard choices" was appreciated.

On the plus side, I managed to get a free Japanese lesson from Mike's girlfriend, Rie, without smashing up their relationship.

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