Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Coming soon, to a landfill near you...

The government has decided to bury Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish, Swiss and Swedish nuclear waste in Britain as a money-making venture to help pay for the UK's own unresolved nuclear waste problems.
UK to keep foreign nuclear waste
taken from The Guardian 15th December 2004


Just a suggestion: couldn't we offer money to somewhere like Iran or North Korea to bury the wretched stuff? After that, we claim they're making weapons out of it and we have to get it off them, charge in and overthrow the government before we have to pay them for taking it in the first place, then announce that we can't find it anywhere and leave it where it is. Simple.

Come on- it's already worked once...

Alternative method of nuclear waste disposal: Coca-Cola brand corn soup, chock-full of atomic goodness and clinically proven to be the most catastrophically addictive brand of corn soup on the market. Now available in all quality vending machines.

I saw this for the first time today, and I'm horrified and impressed in equal measure.


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