Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Safety country

From the Yomiuri Shinbun:

Following the wishes of his father, a 28-year old former company worker has taken over the operation of the only restaurant located on top of Mt. Rokko in Kobe.

Koji Iba became the seventh proprietor of Ikken Jaya on the 931-meter-high mountain.

His father, Yuji, ran the restaurant for 30 years until he was stung to death by wasps in his garden next to the restaurant in early September. He was 57.

What kind of third world country is this? A man runs a restaurant for 30 years, in apparent harmony with the surrounding environment, then he lets his guard down for ONE SECOND and is immediately stung to death by giant angry wasps. He was probably hiding up the mountain because of a morbid fear of tidal waves, too.

That's the sort of thing that keeps you on your toes.

Wild bear raids chicken coop


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