Monday, November 08, 2004


Just in the nick of... oh, hang on...

Guardian story

Hurray, Paula Radcliffe, the woman who cost me a night's sleep and what little respect I had from my students over the course of the Olympic Games, won yesterday's New York marathon in dramatic fashion, beating her Kenyan rival in the last 200 metres of the race.

The timing of this victory really couldn't be better, what with it being over two months after the Olympics and as it renders her upcoming autobiography obsolete before it has even been released.

The Guardian article describes this as a "stinging riposte" to her critics who thought that she shouldn't have entered this event so soon after the teary-eyed shenanigans of Athens.

No mention is given in this article to the particularly unforgiving critic who, after watching the Athens marathon, said that Radcliffe should be dressed in a clown costume, have an albatross tied round her neck, then be thrown into a very deep, disused mine shaft.

Namely myself.


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