Monday, November 01, 2004


Halloween (part I of II)

As per my previous post, Halloween evening was spent watching horror movies and eating cheese. We kicked off the session at 9.30pm and I hit the hay at 4.00am, which, I humbly believe, constitutes a pretty impressive stint of cheese-eating and horror movie-watching.

The movies we watched were Juon (a Japanese flick, mostly visual which was a plus, given the absence of subtitles,) the Cube (a bit of a cult hit from Canada, but unmistakeably minority interest stuff) and, best of all, Doctor Giggles.

I would hereby like to express my opinion that this latter is the finest example in existence of the "Teen Slasher" genre. If you watched a representative sample of these movies (somewhere between seven and a thousand, they're mostly pretty similar) and compiled a check-list of all the components which make up the quintessential Teen Slasher, you could then watch Doctor Giggles and put a tick in every single box.

Then we have the good doctor's one-liners to take into account...

"It's time to do what doctors do best..." (grabs a golf club, then goes and bashes a black cop's head in with it)

Concerned father standing by the phone, listening to an answerphone message from the small-town police department regarding the whereabouts of his missing daughter. Phone beeps to a new message:

"Hello, this is your new neighbourhood doctor and I'M STANDING RIGHT BEHIND YOU!"

Indeed, he is. Cue grisly mayhem.

Three words: WATCH THIS FILM.

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