Monday, October 18, 2004


Taking the rusk

Sadly, my football team didn't win this weekend's tournament on Awaji Island, but we were all in good spirits for last night's award ceremony at The Outback Grill in Umeda.

I had high hopes of winning the "Goal Of The Tournament" prize after a dazzling solo effort which saw me take the ball 80 yards, bypassing the entire opposing midfield, before carving up the last defender and sliding the ball under the keeper, like a child joyously slotting the final piece into a particularly difficult and time-consuming jigsaw.

However, as this feat of footballing wizardry was accomplished against a team largely composed of girls, whom we eventually beat 14-0, I ended up with the "Taking The Piss" award.

This is a picture of me with my award: it's a Hello Kitty rusk.

Other prestigious gongs included the "Thanks for coming" award (which I was very glad not to win) and the "Marco Van Basten finishing award" for dollying presentable chances in front of goal. This latter was actually won by someone else from Earlsdon, which goes to show what a hotbed of footballing talent the place is.

Not to mention English teaching talent, of course.


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