Tuesday, October 12, 2004


One trashed elbow, two grazed knees and 22 burning ears

So, last night, some Japanese son of a gun wiped me out while we were playing football. Completely off the ball, I might add.

Thanks to the hard, sandy gravel which passes for football pitches in these parts, this cost me the skin off both knees, as well as aggravating my bad elbow. Not half so much as it aggravated my bad temper, though.

I don't think the Japanese team were too impressed with the 30-second unbroken barrage of profanity to which I treated them after I picked myself up, but I wasn't too impressed with their approach to tackling either, so I guess that leaves us just about even (except that my team won 6-2, so there.)

I have a tournament next weekend and my elbow doesn't feel too bad, but my knees are pretty sore. However, thanks to the cathartic power of swearing, my temper has already made a complete recovery.


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