Sunday, October 10, 2004



This is a dream I had last night. What it says about my current mental state, I simply can't tell.

Nothing good, I imagine.

So, my dream was of the weather section of a news programme. The weatherman was issuing a live tornado warning, from the somewhat foolhardy position of the top of a very steep cliff, with the tornado rapidly approaching from the sea.

No sooner had he commenced speaking, than the tornado whipped him off the top of the cliff, as cleanly as a player taking a piece from a chess board. The luckless weatherman was carried back and forth across the cliff face by the whirlwind, like a cockroach in a vacuum cleaner.

Then, by an amazing stroke of luck, the tornado deposited him, unscathed, in the topmost branches of a very tall tree which stood on the clifftop.

Unfortunately, he was so dizzy from his ordeal that he fell out of the tree, hit the ground with a bone-shattering crunch and bounced over the edge of the cliff, plummeting a couple of hundred feet into the choppy waters below.

At this point, the newscaster, apparently unmoved by the weatherman's grisly demise, announced that it was time to go over to the sports desk.

And I woke up.


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