Thursday, April 27, 2006


Occupational hazards of education

Two female middle school students in Nasukarasuyama, Tochigi Prefecture, allegedly put an anti-depressant drug into a school lunch served for their homeroom teacher, making the teacher feel ill and be absent from work for two days last week, according to sources.

The sources, including officials of the prefectural government's board of education, said Tuesday that the third-grade students, both 14, at a middle school run by the municipal government, allegedly purchased five Tryptanol tablets from a classmate for 25 yen. The classmate is believed to have obtained the drug through the Internet using a cell phone.

The two girls ground three of the five tablets and put them into soup served for the teacher, about whom they had grievances.

The prefectural police intend to investigate how the drug was put into the soup and how the classmate obtained the drug, sources said.

The drug causes dizziness and other side effects.

2 middle school students allegedly drug teacher's lunch
The Yomiuri Shimbun Apr. 26, 2006


Intend to investigate: yes, that would be nice, officer- you know, if you're not too busy or anything...

I like this: it's something else I can bring up when my students trot out the received wisdom that Japan is safe country (sic.)

Comparatively speaking, it is a fairly safe country of course. That's no reason for me to go agreeing with my students, though.

Dan's list that comes out every time a student says Japan is safe:

- Earthquakes

- Typhoons

- Aum Shinrikyo

- Yakuza

- Ninja

- Fugu

- Godzilla

- North Koreans in submarines

- Atheists on bicycles

- Great White Sharks (one was discovered dead in a canal in Kawasaki last year)

- Your suggestion here!



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